Become the best version of yourself by always living active!

alafitness Hollywood personal trainer Los Angeles NPC bikini model competition coachAbout Always Live Active Fitness (alafitness)Welcome to Always Live Active! You’ve come here looking for answers. Am I right? Maybe you want to eat unrestricted and not feel guilty? Find the confidence to step on stage for a bikini competition? Or you simply want to look and feel your best? Well, congratulations! You’ve taken the first step in building the body, confidence, and life you deserve.

Always Live Active empowers you to reach your full potential and feel confident in your own skin, allowing you to make the proper improvements for a lifetime! First start by refining the one thing you always have control over – yourself. Surrender any fear or insecurity that may have stopped you from reaching your full potential in the past. A weak mind will only lead to an unfulfilling body and life.

Being fit and healthy doesn’t have to be complicated. Always Live Active enables fitness to compliment your life while always being part of it. My ultimate goal is to provide you with the education, inspiration, support, and tools you need to transform and maintain your physique.

  • Flexible Dieting: Learn how to eat more, not feel restricted, and look great
  • Bikini Competition: Follow my Nationally Qualified journey as I share the ins and outs of the industry while preparing you for yours
  • Training: Discover effective, applicable and innovative workouts
  • Healthy Supplements: Understand your options and the benefits

With Always Live Active, you will achieve the perfect combination of strength, confidence, and femininity to set you up for a lifetime of feeling and looking better!

Allow me to Introduce Myself…I’m Abby – lifetime athlete, Nationally Qualified NPC competitor, fitness coach, and founder of Always Live Active. I’m an adventure seeking, food loving Midwestern girl calling Los Angeles home.

Being raised a competitive athlete, I discovered a passion for fitness early in life, but I wasn’t always healthy. Unfortunately, in my teen years, I allowed peer pressure and propaganda form my mindset of healthy. Running on less than 600 calories a day and being a cardio bunny left me with no energy, unmotivated and losing my chance at a soccer scholarship.

Then my junior year, my high school built a brand new weight room – kickstarting my new lifestyle. I started training with various strength coaches learning different training techniques accompanied with copious research on my own on workout and nutrition.

Fast forward 6 years, after suffering a car accident that leaves me with chronic back pain and graduating college to work a corporate desk job, I felt my quality of life diminish. Always tired and in pain, I avoided the gym, gained 10 pounds and was only active for social sports. Eventually, I started Pilates as a form of pain management. Within weeks, the studio owner asked me if I wanted to teach TRX and boot camp classes. I became certified and fell in love with helping others achieve their strength, confidence, and fitness goals. Observing my clients transform their bodies inspired me to test myself. I signed up for my first NPC Bikini competition, placed 2nd and never looked back.

I know what its like to be dangerously thin, as well as overweight. My passion lies in helping women from all backgrounds find the best version of themselves through mind, body and lifestyle transformation!