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Metabolism. Frequently used as justification to eat whatever we want at a younger age, but more often an excuse for why we don’t meet our weight loss goals. Every time you intake food or beverage, your metabolism converts those calories into energy. While your age, body size, gender and genetics determine much of your metabolic rate, there are scientifically proven lifestyle changes to increase your metabolism. Therefore, a faster metabolism yields more calories burned. Here are SEVEN ways to help ramp up your metabolism and maintain better body composition: 1. Get a good night’s......

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For committed weight lifters, rest days can be the worst, thought to sabotage gains. For those new to fitness, it can be a relief getting time away from the gym. Regardless of your feelings towards it, rest days are an essential part of training. Defining Rest The intensity of your workouts leading up to it will  determine how inactive you are on your rest day. If you’ve been lifting hard everyday , varying targeted muscles, and challenging your body, maybe a full day off of not staining yourself is in order. If......

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Which supplements are best for you? What brands can you trust? Do they actually work? What’s best for women? How much should you take? Thousands of supplements, hundreds of companies, a billion dollar industry… copious questions. Let’s cover the fundamentals. Supplements can be intimidating and confusing for newcomers to training and nutrition. While no supplement is meant to replace a balanced diet, they do complement your regimen and help you reach your fitness goals faster by ensuring your body has the right nutrients for peak performance. For safety and efficacy, supplements supported......

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March 20, 2016

Why You Must Try TRX?

Imagine you drop a pen on the floor. In order to pick it up, you are unable to use just your hand. You engage your legs, neck, shoulders, and core. The same goes for nearly every movement we perform; it’s a whole body movement always engaging from your core- whether you realize it or not. The core is responsible for your body balance, flexibility, and stability. Therefore, the stronger your core, the more multi-plane mobility you’ll have and less injuries. That’s exactly what TRX training targets! So, what is TRX training? Most......

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We’ve heard it before, either from your parents or your doctor, “take your vitamins”. But with 13 essential vitamins, can you name them all, with their benefits? The eight B vitamins, known together as Vitamin B Complex, help the body stay energized by transforming food to fuel. These nutrients consist of B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9 and B12. So, why do you need all of them? Each targets a specific benefit and is potentially consumed in your current diet; however taking a Vitamin B complex helps ensure they work in tandem and you’re getting the......

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