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9 Underrated Exercises You Should Own Right Away

You’ve probably read all sorts of articles that tout the benefits of squats, push-ups, and crunches. As effective as your typical workout routine might be, tweaking it a bit from time to time not only challenges your muscles in new ways but also keeps you from cruising through the movements on auto-pilot. Before your neck gives out from doing crunches, step out of your comfort zone and give these 9 frequently forgotten exercises a try! After all, research agrees… Changing up your workout regimen now and then leads to better training results.......

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March 20, 2016

Why You Must Try TRX?

Imagine you drop a pen on the floor. In order to pick it up, you are unable to use just your hand. You engage your legs, neck, shoulders, and core. The same goes for nearly every movement we perform; it’s a whole body movement always engaging from your core- whether you realize it or not. The core is responsible for your body balance, flexibility, and stability. Therefore, the stronger your core, the more multi-plane mobility you’ll have and less injuries. That’s exactly what TRX training targets! So, what is TRX training? Most......

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